E-Commerce Platform

For our India wide network of sales, we have met different people all over India and gathered knowledge about rich Indian traditions and culture. We realize tremendous potentiality of Indian handicrafts in whole world if we can present them in a global platform. We have undertaken to develop eCommerce Portal - www.wishmycraft.com for Indian handicrafts and hand-loom items. Here buyers all over world can see the products from different sellers across India and can procure their items of choice through portal directly from them. To bring all handicrafts and handloom items across India in one platform is a massive task. It is still under process of development. Once ready, it will be a big online market , both pan-Indian and globally, to showcase our rich traditions, our unity in diversity.

We have taken this project not for our financial gain. We feel from our heart that we should do something for our motherland - India. We think this is a way how we can serve our country. Our aim is to present our traditions and culture globally - make our handicrafts and handloom items available all over world - bring cheers to artisans who are associated with handicrafts and handlooms.

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