Maha Power Naphthalene Balls - Carton Pack

----Premium Quality Grade 1 Round White Naphthalene Balls  

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Product Description

White Coloured Mahapower Naphthalene Balls are made of pure and super strong grade 1 premium quality naphthalene. Quality of Maha Power Naphthalene Balls is assured and hence, they are kept white to maintain its originality.


Usage: Maha Power Naphthalene Balls are used as moth repellent, deodorant and for preservation of woolen, silk and other textile material from insects and moths. It can also be used as germicidal deodorant in toilets and urinals.Kitchen Cleaner in Kolkata |  Floor Cleaner in Kolkata | Maha Power Naphthalene Balls - Carton Pack


Available Pack Size: 100gm Carton Pack, 200Gm Carton Pack and 500Gm Carton Pack.

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