Mr Spark-X Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder

…Non Corrosive Metal and Porcelain Cleaning Powder – Free of any Harsh Chemicals

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Product Description

Mr. Spark- x Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder is free of any harsh chemicals and do not harm human skin. It is mainly porcelain and metal cleaner and is non-corrosive to any surface. It removes rust and dirt from steel utensils.

It can also remove oil from gas ovens and kitchen table (stone made) and can be used as degreaser.

Its unique fragrance of lily adds more freshness and makes cleaning a new experience.

Application: Mr. Spark-X Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder can be used to clean or, to degrease metal surfaces (brass, steel etc.), mosaic floors, ceramic and vitrified tiles, kitchen tables (stone made), gas ovens, sinks and basins.White Phenyl in Kolkata |   Pine Cleaner in Kolkata |

Usage: Sprinkle Mr. Spark-X Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder over the surface you want to clean or, to degrease. Now, rub the surface gently by the powder and wet sponge or scrubber. Apply powder and water, as required. Be careful about scratches if you use scrubber. After cleaning / degreasing, clean the area with water (normally not required for metal surface) and mop dry.

Available Pack Size: 400gm

It is absolutely safe to use.

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